NFT Art Collection

Digital Art Moments

Artist @Diggium

Digital AI Artist combining my passion for Fine Arts with Machine Learning technical background. I create artworks with AI-assistance and digital editing.

Artist @Deconstruct/@Spydenator

Tokyo-based experimental mixed media artist, convey individual artistic potential through cutting-edge AI/machine learning induced digital media. Deconstruct is using AI as a means to create complex digital artworks and developed a unique creative process and pipeline utilizing scripts together with traditional digital painting software and tools to visualize, enhance and manipulate a universe of endless possibilities into a coherent visual experience showcasing the beauty of the unknown, unfamiliar, and never been seen before scenes from the depth of various artificial intelligence models latent space.

Artist @Magnasoma

3D & AI Artist. Creative Director. Founder @fabrikreel and Infinifty @infi_nifty

Artist @Robbot17

"The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience" Always inspired by anime/manga/comic style overall as best medium to delivery my storytelling.

Artist @VvikaElff

NFT artist / AI art creator

Artist @FarrahCarbonell

Farrah is an accomplished digital artist and photographer shaking up the art world with bold, pioneering work. Her pieces have been featured in prestigious shows like NFT NYC 2022, STRATOSPHERE, and upcoming international shows in 2023. Her relentless dedication to craft and boundary-pushing has earned her a reputation as a rising force in the digital art world. Her work is visually striking, thought-provoking and continues to inspire and push the medium forward.

Artist Custom Horror

His work today, is expressive figurative contemporary art most often based on the momentary feeling and mood. It's a reflection of a lifetime of unconscious inspiration and an ongoing creative practice. A universe of happy, dark, nonsensical and grotesque intuitions. I don't intend to deliver a specific message consciously, it is merely a reflection of a state of mind in the moment.

Artist Onyro

Anthony Kyriazis is digital organic and abstract 3D artist by night, Creative - Director - Designer by day. Father of 2 gorgeous boys, designer, music maker on a new quest to discover my inner self at the age of 43.

Artist @MomentsBySoomre